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NOTICES (APRIL 30, 2024):

Password Update Required:
Effective June 1, 2024, all passwords are required to be at least 12 characters in length and consist of alpha or numerical characters with at least one capital letter and one number (no symbols).

Multifactor Authentication
Effective June 1, 2024, users must have a phone number listed so that they can receive an authentication code to log into web services. Verify before June 1, 2024, that the phone number listed in your account is able to receive SMS text messages (cell phone). If your web services account does not list your cell phone, please update the number/type, and click “Save Changes”.

New Login Methods
Effective April 30, 2024, users may now log in using your Google or Azure account credentials, provided your Google or Azure account and Web Services emails are the same.

Pending Upgrades
For more details on pending upgrades, please view this notice.


We currently do not accept Applications online for most programs. Please visit and click on the program in which you would like to apply to view the current in-person application site information. For those applying to the Northeast Wisconsin (Green Bay / IBEW Local 158) Area Electcial JATC, please log into your account.


First Time Login:
1.) Click "Reset Password",
2.) Enter the email address* that you have provided, complete the security question, and click "Send", and
3.) You will be sent an automated email message from (TradeSchool Messaging) providing detailed instructions and a link to reset (set) your password.
Note passwords must be a minimum of 12 characters long, contain at least one capital letter, contain at least one number, and can only contain alpha and numerical values (no symbols).

Subsequent Logins:
Enter your email address*, your previously set password***, and click "Login".


Should you encounter any problems accessing Web Services, or entering data, contact the Apprenticeship and Training Office at 608.221.3321 or by email.

Please note the following:
* You must provide the Apprenticeship and Training Office with an active and frequently checked email address and phone number capable of receiving SMS messages for access to Web Services.
**Add to your email safe senders list.

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